Lucero is one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in Austin. With 486 units spanning over 9 acres, this multifamily housing development is South Austin seeks to set new standards for affordable housing in Texas. Currently under construction, Phase I is comprised of 173 tax-credit apartments, and Phase II will be comprised of market rate apartments.

The U-shaped layout is oriented toward downtown Austin, and the units with the best downtown views are removed and converted into a community roof deck. At Lucero, communal space is maximized. These public areas form a succession of green spaces: an anterior park, breezeway, and internal courtyard that establish an animated central axis to the development.

The landscaping throughout these public spaces is designed to be educational for the children, by recreating the different geological zones and microclimates that compose Texas.

This project achieves a dynamic, engaging design with the hopes to heighten the everyday lives of its residents and thereby set new standards for affordable housing.