The East Village

Located in the revitalization district of East 11th Street, this vertical mixed-use project is a unique focal point in a quickly growing neighborhood in Austin. This mid-rise project includes 11 retail stores and offices, 20 residential condominiums of which 20% are affordable housing, and rooftop decks accessible by all residents. The unique solar screen on the south and west façades, which double as a shading device and as guardrails for the residential balconies, is just one of the many aspects of the design that contributes to the 3-Star Green Building Rating. The East Village is also one of the City of Austin’s S.M.A.R.T. (Safe, Mixed-Income, Accessible, Reasonably Priced, Transit Oriented) Housing developments.

The East 11th Street neighborhood has seen considerable change since 2001. Once a largely ignored portion of Austin, E. 11th Street is now home to many different retail shops, restaurants, offices, and cultural groups. The East Village captures the neighborhood’s diversity with a dynamic and creative environment for its residents, combining retail shops and small commercial offices with residential units on the upper floors. On the fourth floor, residents have access to two green roofs that capture excellent downtown views.

The dynamic design is a result of utilizing modest materials in creative and compelling ways. At ground level, storefronts have floor-to-ceiling glass façades, creating the illusion the building is floating on glass cubes. To further enhance the visual `lightness` of the building, the building’s entrance is under a long steel truss that supports two stories of residential units across a 65 ft span.

The East Village showcases the incorporation of sustainable features into fundamental building design with elements such as a steel sunscreen, insulated Low-E glazing, recycled and recyclable materials, non toxic paint, R-19 insulated walls, an R-30 insulated roof, passive insect control, construction waste recycling, and low impact native landscaping. Such elements work together to make the East Village a healthy building for both residents and community.