Project Planning and Development

We work closely with our partners to lay the groundwork for the future development.

Following the successful acquisition of land viable for an investment property development, we work with our partners – Bercy Chen Studio, Cambrian Development and Bondi Consult Group to bring the development to life.

CapLab begins by working with the appointed architect to create the vision for what the development will be – the site plan, building layout and CGI impressions of the final design are all key parts of the process. CapLab plays a key role in shaping the final developments by integrating its expert knowledge of the property investment market with the architect’s artistic perception of the site.

This work continues into liaising with local Councils to ensure that the development achieves zoning approval and eventually the construction permit.

The legal work our partners and us undertake at the planning and design stages continues into the actual property development. Together with our joint venture partners, CapLab works to appoint experienced contractors to carry out the construction. Years of experience are applied to select contractors with a record of reliability and delivering on time, all of which contributes to the excellent reputation CapLab and its partners have earned for trustworthiness.

CapLab involves investors throughout the development process via regular updates to ensure they know their investment is progressing on time and to the promised standard. Construction photo galleries, drone footage and routine updates from the construction site are all combined to keep investors as up to date as possible.

Property development is fundamentally the most important part of the construction industry and CapLab is committed to making sure its reputation for delivering on time and fulfilling promises to investors is not lost.