Foreign Investment Sourcing

CapLab understands the importance and magnitude of foreign direct investments (FDI) in Europe and the US. The United States has been the world’s largest recipient of foreign direct investment since 2006. With the world’s largest market, skilled and productive workers, a highly innovative environment, appropriate legal protections, a predictable regulatory environment, and a growing energy sector, the United States offers an attractive investment climate for investors.

We leverage our experience and relationships in order to raise capital and facilitate business opportunities both in the United States and Europe. Our primary focus is on private equity placements for real estate projects such as multifamily residential real estate, commercial real estate, real estate development and property management. Family-friendly tax credit deals, senior housing communities and commercial developments provide an optimal after-tax yield to our investors.

Apart from private equity we also focus on Mezzanine and Senior Debt including EB-5 Investment Program project equity funding.