Fintech e-marketplace

CapLab is a Fintech startup leveraging financial innovation through technology by offering a ‘one stop shop’ marketplace for all financial needs to the ACEE market (Austria + Central Eastern Europe).

Expected to reach $16B through by 2020 Fintech ACEE market space is ideal for the delivery of the three pillar offerings of Insurance, Finance, and Alternative Capital products. By serving consumer business segments as well as SMEs, our platform provides a synergetic offering facilitating cross-sales and a higher degree of client experience and engagement.

The insurance and financial services aggregator module provides foundational business component setting the bar for market entry and positioning. P2P module will offer a value chain upgrade and new market offering creation while harvesting aggregator customer base and converting aggregator buyers into investors/borrowers.

The third module is the caveat of the business focusing on creating an Alternative Insurer / Alternative Bank allowing for expansion into convergent financial services.

All three modules will create a business feeding loop cementing market positioning, value differentiation, and client stickiness.

Financial innovation through technology

Online financial marketplace

Serving SME and Consumer business segments

‘One stop shop’ for all core financial services

Synergetic offering facilitating cross-sell and higher degree of client experience

Financial aggregator

Online one-stop shop for users

Cost efficiency

Ease of use

Full product legibility

Peer 2 Peer Marketplace

Matching capital owners with capital seekers

Cutting out banking fees and commissions

Providing new capacity and alternative capital offering

Alt Risk Platform

Alternative risk transfer platform

New age financial provider

Mutualised market participation